Why Is Adopting Long-Term Disinfection Coating Essential? 

The rise of Coronavirus and the gripping fear for pathogens and infections have turned the world to care for sanitation and disinfection. Surface cleaners, hand sanitisers, or disinfectant sprays, the sanitation services or product manufacturers have rapidly prospered in marketing. 長效消毒塗層 substances are now being used in every home and office to ensure complete eradication of the virus to curb the spread.

How Do The Disinfectants Act?

Long term disinfectants are processed for a safe treatment to sustain the cleanliness. They are manufactured with concerning features as:

  • Depositing A Protective Layer: Unlike harmful chemicals or cleansing lotions, the TX-5 nano-catalysts are used to deposit a microscopic thin layer on the surface evenly. It primely consists of positively charged molecules that attract the negative viruses and kill them. The substances are chemically tested, safe for human and material use without any adverse complications.
  • Variety Of Use: The disinfectants are manufactured for various external surfaces. Liquid gels for human use, sprays for sanitising items or liquids to clean counters and surfaces are made in variations yet with the same chemical composition.

The latest disinfectants claim lasting effects for nearly a whole day for hands and a month on surfaces. Persistent use of pathogen eliminators is profitable to curb the spread of infections.

Covering Wide Spaces

The handy products as sprays and gels are suitable for individual use, but the corporate world wanted a bigger aspect to sanitise the premises. Post-lockdown, the reopening of schools and offices posed a great challenge to sanitise the large areas. 消毒塗層服務 have recently launched the mega projects to use the long-lasting disinfectants for mass sanitation. The entire rooms and surroundings are sprayed to erase the existing pathogens providing a clean space.

The disinfectant coating stays intact for long and attracts the germs, and kills them. The new disinfectants provide clean surfaces and a pure environment with ease of application.