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Looking For Table Tennis Shop Singapore? Then Read This Article

Commonly known as ping pong, table tennis is a widely popular sport all over the world. In this sport, a small ball known as a ping pong ball is hit by two or four players across a table attached to a net. Playing table tennis enhances hand-eye coordination, thereby stimulating mental alertness and coordination. It improves reflex actions and keeps the brain sharp. It is a great exercise for burning calories. Table tennis is a particularly popular sport in China, Japan and Singapore.

Table tennis aims to strike the ball so that the opponent player fails to hit the ball. The player has to make a point to win the game. Olympics has also recognised table tennis as a game. In Olympics, the game is organised for both men and women. Table tennis requires Faster hand and leg movements of the player. China has a great dominance in the game of table tennis at the Olympics and world level tournaments.

If you want to open a sports club or play table tennis, you should find a table tennis shop singapore. You can find a wide variety of sports equipment in the table tennis shop in Singapore. The table tennis bats, ping pong ball, net, hard table and safety equipment can be found easily.


Table tennis is a great workout exercise for health-conscious people. You can find table tennis shops Singapore. In recent years, more people have started taking interest in playing this game as well.